LM: What inspired you to become a Wedding Photographer?

LD: Photography has always been a passion for me. Family life has always been a passion for me. Wedding & portrait photography is the perfect match.

I began capturing images at age 15 with my new Canon AE:1. I studied photography, psychology and art history (abroad) in college. After college, I went to School of Visual Arts and also worked in successful commercial photography studios learning an array of types of photography from still life, to architecture, to lifestyle, kids and fashion. It was an amazing learning experience and I was exposed to so much.

So, having always delighted in a person’s unique personality, I began working with families, kids and covering weddings. Each subject or event is so different and I love that. I start with a blank canvas and paint each unique story. My aim is to give my clients a story of their celebration that is beyond their expectations. I feel honored to be there on such a special occasion. I have a tremendous amount of respect for everything that goes into the planning of the wedding and I want my clients to know that I will cover it all! I want my brides, who become friends, to RAVE about their images and treasure their wedding album story for generations.

LM: How would you describe your shooting style?

LD: Modern, natural, whimsical & documentary. Fashion-like, with high-energy & lots of motion. Surprising, searching & sensitive. Classic, forever, creative & genuine.

LM: What are your favorite places to shoot?

LD: Gracious stone mansions with sweeping meadows, sunken in gardens, ocean front venues with golden sunsets on the beach, rustic farms with wooden fences and chickens milling about, vineyards with rows of vines & stone walls, mountins & lakes in Northern country, islands with quaint cobblestone streets, industrial city lofts and street scenes with rows of brownstones.

LM: What’s one thing couples should know to make their images better on their wedding day?

LD: Hire someone with whom you really click and trust. Photography is so personal and it's the only thing that lasts. You want to have to have the same vision. Hire someone with the right energy, amount of involvement and thoughtfulness for you.

I remember the years when I was shooting more than 35 weddings per year and I was miserable because I felt that I was not able to give each wedding enough attention. I’d never want to become a wedding, “factory” photographer who shows up just to execute the day. I show up with three days energy and spend it all!

LM: What is Your Favorite Memory From A Wedding?

LD: This is a hard question. I have so many wonderful memories. I won’t list beautiful venues but rather emotions and energy. FLOWER GIRLS AND RING BEARERS: My first thought is of “children, children, children,” because I love it when there are little flower girls and ring bearers running around us throughout the day. WORK THAT DRESS/VEIL: My second thought is of my brides who really “wear” that dress and feel confidant on their wedding day. They “work it” and move the dress ‘round -- like a fashion shoot. A STORY OF THE ENTIRE WEEKEND: Finally, I loved covering an event throughout the entire weekend. Three days of fun. There’s something about being their for the whole weekend that adds such depth to the story.

LM: If you could be anything else in the world, what would you be?

LD: A writer, a storyteller. I loved my creative writing courses while growing up and doing “morning pages” for the cool book, “The Artist Way.” I already mentor young photographers in the biz. Photo art therapy is another dream as I recently completed my Masters in Clinical Mental Health. I'd like to say, "here's the camera: show me your world."Any art form has healing qualities.

LM: What do you love?

LD: I love standing on my head. I love yoga as well as running as fast as I can down the beach at the water's edge. I love mountain tops, rolling down the sand dunes and floating in the ocean like a raft. I love my white boxer who is so playful and loving. I love the sound of laughter. I love my work. I love what I do for living.

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